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You're Too Careless with Your Kisses!

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You're Too Careless with Your Kisses! is a 1932 Merrie Melodies cartoon.


A Bumblebee wearing a top hat, and holding a cane is attempting to make his way home, but the outside keeps disrupting him, and he can't help but stop and smell it. When he does get home, he quietly enters and makes his way upstairs. His shoes follow him, but he tells them to be quiet and walks upstairs, but he can't maintain his balance and he bounces off a couch cushion and attempts to get back up the stairs. He hopes to get upstairs without awakening his wife, but he trips causing the window shade to roll up and the alarm to ring.

His wife comes downstairs and accuses him of drinking late, before breaking out into the title song. She decides to assume the role of the honey-collector and causes a storm to happen. She runs for cover and hides in a barrel that she mistakes for a house. She knocks on the door and we see a spider inside the barrel. The spider lets her in, but only because he wants her to be his next meal. When she sees the spider, she screams and runs out, but can't because the spider has locked the door and swallowed the key.

She runs upstairs, and hides in a dark room. The spider enters the door, closing it on the way in, causing the room to become pitch black. The bee manages to get to the window and screams for help, but not before the spider grabs her and closes her mouth.

At her house her husband (still drunk) hears her screams, and jumps out of the window attempting to save her. He uses a flower as a trumpet and calls for other bees to help him. Several bees run out and grab what they call a horse (actually a harmonic). When the spider comes out to confront the Bees husband, the bee takes a vine and runs it between the spider's legs. The spider flees, and the captured bee comes out, pointing out the Calvary arriving. The spider jumps into a bucket, and fires out a shotgun. Suddenly a squad of bees’ approaches and one of them drops a stick of dynamite onto the spider. The bee is sent flying from the explosion. The bees cheer in victory and the spider frowns.