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Template:WBToonCharZadavia is The Loonatics' beautiful yet mysterious supervisor and possibly benefactor. She often appears to them in a flashing, hologram-like form, though she started to appear in person starting in season two. When appearing in her non-physical form, she usually contacts them to tell them of a recent threat to Acmetropolis. After the Loonatics have completed their mission, she follows up with congratulations, advice, commentary, and if necessary, reprove a member or members (usually Danger Duck). She has been shown to be very influential in Acmetropolis. It is currently assumed by fans that she set the Loonatics up in their current residence and pays for all their expenses as no other explanation has been given. She revealed in the episode Acmegeddon - Part II that the main villain Optimatus is her brother. Fans also speculate that she might be the outright ruler of Acmetropolis, though her exact status, financial and political are currently unverified.


Zadavia (Personally)

In Acmegeddon - Part II she further explained her past and relation to Optimatus. Back on their homeworld, which is called Freleing (based on Warner Brothers director Friz Freleng), she and her brother were leaders of their planet along with a "High Council." However, her brother was not a peaceful leader. He had discovered a way of interdimensional travel using wormholes and was determined to use this technology to conquer the universe. Zadavia feared causing a perpetual war, bringing shame to their homeworld and destruction to their people, and opposed her brother. The council sided with her, but her brother wouldn't let that stand. Optimatus kidnapped the High Council and tried to kill Zadavia, fearing that she would lead a rebellion against him. She felt she had no choice but to flee and did so with great haste. As she took off in a space cruiser, her brother ran after her on foot only to get burned by his sister's rocket fire, but she dared not turn back to check on him. She landed on Acmetropolis and thought she would be safe. She was the one to stop the first meteor from completely destroying Acmetropolis, but could not prevent it from throwing the planet off its axis and releasing supernatural forces. She seems to possess natural energy-based superpowers/abilities. She can fire beams of rainbow colored energy from her eyes and hands and create a holographic version of herself with this same energy, as stated above. These powers did not come from the supernatural forces released by the meteor. In most of her appearances and situations, she seems very serious, if not outright stoic. She can display her emotions, though.