Bosko's Party

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Bosko's Party is 1932 cartoon starring Bosko.


Bosko is whistling, "It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo" as he walking in the pouring rain. His umbrella proves to be useful when he has to cross a flooded street. Elsewhere Honey is getting dressed and putting on make up. When she is putting on her nightgown, she realizes that the audience is looking at her. She attempts to hide herself, but it's too easy to see. When Bosko arrives he is greeted by a friend of Honey's. Honey doesn't realize it, but several of his friends are downstairs waiting for her. Turns out, it's Honey's birthday. However Honey's dog causes some trouble. Worse of all, her kitten Wilber is hiding under a flowerpot and is stuck. When he does get out, an encounter with a mouse trap makes him dive into the cake. thumb|300px|right