Jumpin' Jupiter

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Jumpin' Jupiter is a 1955 Merrie Melodies cartoon. In this short, Sylvester and Porky Pig are camping. Unknown to them some aliens have landed on earth, and eventually Porky has no idea what is going on, while Sylvester is scared out of his mind. He tries everything to make sure that Porky is safe.


Porky Pig decides to go camping in the Great Outdoors, bringing his neurotic cat Sylvester along for the ride. While sleeping under the stars, Porky and Sylvester are abducted by a giant, green-skinned alien buzzard, who whisks the two earthlings away to the planet Jupiter. Upon awakening, Porky is blissfully unaware that anything has happened, except to comment that "Things sure look different after a good night's sleep." But nervous Sylvester knows the awful truth, and goes to great lengths to protect himself and his master from the surly alien--who turns out to have a lot of friends who look the same.