Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume 2

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Looney Tunes Platinum Collection: Volume 2 is a Blu-ray and DVD box set by Warner Home Video released on October 16, 2012. It contains 50 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons and numerous supplements. Disc 3 is exclusive to the Blu-ray version of the set. Unlike Volume 1, which was released in a digibook, Volume 2 was released in a standard 1 movie case.

Disc 1[edit]

(*) - The original opening sequence has been restored

  1. A Wild Hare
  2. Buckaroo Bugs
  3. Long-Haired Hare
  4. Ali Baba Bunny
  5. Show Biz Bugs
  6. The Wise Quacking Duck
  7. What Makes Daffy Duck?
  8. Book Revue
  9. Deduce, You Say
  10. Porky in Wackyland
  11. You Ought to Be in Pictures
  12. Porky in Egypt
  13. Back Alley Oproar
  14. Little Red Rodent Hood
  15. Canned Feud*
  16. Gift Wrapped
  17. Birdy and the Beast
  18. Home, Tweet Home*
  19. Going! Going! Gosh!
  20. Zipping Along
  21. Scent-imental Romeo
  22. The Foghorn Leghorn
  23. The High and the Flighty
  24. Tabasco Road
  25. Mexicali Shmoes

Special features[edit]

Behind the Tunes[edit]

  • Man from Wackyland: The Art of Bob Clampett
  • Bosko, Buddy, and the Best of Black and White
  • Leon Schlesinger: The Merrie Cartoon Mogul (provided in HD)[2]

Alternate Audio Tracks[edit]

  • Audio commentaries
    • Michael Barrier on Buckaroo Bugs, Long-Haired Hare, Book Revue, Porky in Wackyland and The Foghorn Leghorn
    • Eddie Fitzgerald, John Kricfalusi, and Kali Fontecchio on Buckaroo Bugs
    • Greg Ford on A Wild Hare, Ali Baba Bunny, Show Biz Bugs (with pre-score music), Back Alley Oproar, Scent-imental Romeo and The High and the Flighty
    • Jerry Beck on You Ought to Be in Pictures, Canned Feud, Tabasco Road and Mexicali Shmoes
    • Mark Kausler on Porky in Egypt and Birdy and the Beast
    • Constantine Nasr on Deduce, You Say
  • Music and Vocal-Only Tracks
    • Music-only tracks include: Ali Baba Bunny, The High and the Flighty, Tabasco Road and Mexicali Shmoes
    • Music-and-effects tracks include: Scent-imental Romeo

Disc 2[edit]

(*): The original opening and ending title sequences have been restored for this release, replacing the Blue Ribbon reissue titles

(**): Original ending restored which had been cut before its theatrical premiere

(#): low-pitched

  1. Wabbit Twouble
  2. Rabbit Fire#
  3. Rabbit Seasoning
  4. Duck! Rabbit, Duck!
  5. Drip-Along Daffy
  6. My Little Duckaroo
  7. Barbary Coast Bunny
  8. Tortoise Beats Hare
  9. Tortoise Wins by a Hare
  10. Rabbit Transit
  11. Porky's Hare Hunt
  12. Hare-um Scare-um**
  13. Prest-O Change-O
  14. Elmer's Candid Camera
  15. Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid
  16. The Bashful Buzzard
  17. The Lion's Busy*
  18. Strife with Father*
  19. An Itch in Time
  20. A Horsefly Fleas*
  21. Hollywood Steps Out
  22. Page Miss Glory
  23. Rocket-bye Baby
  24. Russian Rhapsody
  25. Dough Ray Me-Ow

Special features[edit]

Behind the Tunes[edit]

  • Forever Befuddled
  • A-Hunting We Will Go: Chuck Jones' Wabbit Season Twilogy
  • Looney Tunes Goes Hollywood
  • A Conversation with Tex Avery
  • Looney Tunes Go to War!

Alternate Audio Tracks[edit]

  • Audio commentaries
    • Michael Barrier on Wabbit Twouble, Rabbit Seasoning, Drip-Along Daffy, Tortoise Beats Hare and Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid
    • Greg Ford on Rabbit Fire and Hollywood Steps Out
    • Eric Goldberg on Duck! Rabbit, Duck!
    • Chuck Jones on Tortoise Beats Hare[4]
    • Mark Kausler on Tortoise Wins by a Hare and Russian Rhapsody
    • Jerry Beck on Porky's Hare Hunt, Elmer's Candid Camera and Dough Ray Me-Ow
    • Paul Dini on The Bashful Buzzard
    • John Kricfalusi and Bill Meléndez on An Itch in Time
    • Will Friedwald on Page Miss Glory
    • Constantine Nasr on Rocket-bye Baby
  • Music Only Tracks
    • Music-only tracks include: Rabbit Fire, Drip-Along Daffy, Barbary Coast Bunny
    • Music-and-effects tracks include: Duck! Rabbit, Duck!

Disc 3: Bonus Materials (Blu Ray only)[edit]

  • King-Size Comedy: Tex Avery and the Looney Tunes Revolution
  • Tex Avery, the King of Cartoons
  • Friz on Film
  • ToonHeads: The Lost Cartoons
  • Real American Zero: The Adventures of Private Snafu
  • The World of Leon Schlesinger
  • Friz at MGM - Captain and the Kids cartoons
    • Poultry Pirates (1938)
    • A Day at the Beach (1938)
    • The Captain’s Christmas (1938)
    • Seal Skinners (1939)
    • Mama’s New Hat (1939)
  • The Best of the Rest of Tex - a selection of Tex Avery's best cartoons from MGM
    • Blitz Wolf (1942)
    • Red Hot Riding Hood (1943)
    • Screwball Squirrel (1944)
    • Swing Shift Cinderella (1945)
    • King-Size Canary (1947)
    • Bad Luck Blackie (1949)
    • Señor Droopy (1949)
    • Wags to Riches (1949)
    • Symphony in Slang (1951)
    • Magical Maestro (1952)
    • Rock-a-Bye Bear (1952)
  • Private Snafu cartoons
    • Coming!! Snafu (1943)
    • Gripes (1943)
    • Spies (1943)
    • The Goldbrick (1943)
    • The Home Front (1943)
    • Rumors (1943)
    • Snafuperman (1943)
    • Censored (1944)
  • Mr. Hook cartoons
    • The Good Egg (1945)
    • The Return of Mr. Hook (1945)
    • Tokyo Woes (1945)