Pied Piper Porky

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Pied Piper Porky is a 1939 cartoon.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Porky Pig is a pied piper. He thinks his flute has rid the town of all mice, expect for one mouse that he doesn't seem to be able to catch. So he decides to send a cat, but in the end the only person who will be having fur tonight is the mouse.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The cartoon begins with a sign that says "All rats in this picture are fictious ----- and any resemblance to any one you know is purely co-incidental." And opens up to a full, crowded town known as Hamelin. On one of the busy streets there is a newspaper article discussing a pied piper who has rid of all the towns rats. Then at the bottom of the page is a picture of the piper: Porky.

Porky then plays music with his pipe as singing and music play. After it finishes, a nearby rat appears! Porky goes to get it but the rat makes an escape, diving into a sudden made hole. He takes one last second to mock Porky before going back inside. Porky approaches the hole and sets out a mousetrap in hopes of luring the rat out. He begins to play his pipe and the rat acts as if it has hypnotized him into coming from his hole and he heads toward the cheese on the mousetrap.

As soon as he is about to step onto the trap the rat reveals it didn't act. He then grabs Porky's pipe and breaks it in half, playing the blowing end as he danced back into his hole. Porky throws down the other half and grabs a strange box, revealing a cat to be inside. He tells the cat to get the rat but the rat ends up scaring it!

After he comments on this, the cat then resumes chase. Porky ends up in the middle of it as the mouse hides on him and they continue down the hall until they get to a wall. After cutting so many markings into the wall, the cat and mouse play tic-tac-toe with each other, effectively distracting the cat until the mouse is able to run into a hole, causing the cat to run into it. Porky then gives the cat some kat-nip and the cat gets right back up. Allowing it to dive into the mouse hole and attack the rat. Unfortunately, its revealed the rat won and the cartoon ends.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The cat calls the rat, a mouse. Though it may actually be a mouse.

Goofs[edit | edit source]

  • As the cat speaks, his hair just slightly vanishes for a split second.

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