Porky's Hired Hand

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Plot[edit | edit source]

Through the Cornstalk Employment Agency, Farmer Porky hires slow-witted assistant Gregory Grunt to help him prevent the marauding Fox from attempting to grab anymore of his chickens from his ranch. After being warned by Porky not to fall asleep, the watchman promptly does so; of course, the Fox invades the barn and grabs all the chicken he can (which is almost all of them). Gregory wakes up in time to foil the Fox's escape, but the thief talks him into forming a partnership. The Fox convinces him that Porky would approve because he is just trying to help out. The Fox tries to double-cross Gregory by running out on him, but accidentally locks himself into the superheated incubator room instead. Despite Gregory's attempt to rescue his partner by battering the door down with his head, the Fox can't escape. Porky arrives in time to release the Fox, who has been reduced to a shadow of his former self, as a result.