Porky the Rainmaker

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Porky the Rainmaker is a cartoon starring Porky Pig

Plot[edit | edit source]

Porky's family farm is suffering a horrible drought. Porky's father sends him to the store, with their last dollar, so they can get weed. When Porky gets to the store, a huckster is selling pills that can create different kinds of weather. Porky buys those instead of the weed. When he gets home his father angrily throws them out. The animals end up eating the pills, and are affected by several different kinds of weather patterns. Porky is finally able to explain the situation to his father, and he and his father go looking for the pills, but they find that a duck (affected by a wind pill) has eaten it. Luckily, the wind causes to release the pill as a cloud, and the farm is saved.