Robin Hood Makes Good

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Robin Hood Makes Good is an 1939 cartoon directed by Chuck Jones.

Plot[edit | edit source]

While playing Robin Hood a group of squirrels are captured by a fox. It's up to the smallest of the bunch and the person who played the villain in the Robin Hood game, to use his genius to rescue his pals.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Three little squirrels (all voiced by Bernice Hansen), after reading a book about Robin Hood, decide to act out the

part of the legendary medieval outlaw. The smallest of the three declares that he will be Robin Hood, prompting the middle squirrel to breathe down his neck and demand, "Who's gonna be Robin Hood?", prompting an intimidated reply of "You're gonna be Robin Hood!" In turn, the biggest squirrel bullies the middle one, "Who's gonna be Robin Hood?" "You're gonna be Robin Hood!".

That decided, the Robin Hood squirrel names the middle squirrel as Little John, leaving the grumbling smallest squirrel to play the unwanted role of the rich old villain. The "villain" then trudges off to await the inevitable song-and-dance attack of Robin Hood and Little John, while a fox (Mel Blanc), lurking on the side, sees them as his dinner, and devises a ruse through which he pipes up, in a falsetto voice, claiming to be Robin's sweetheart Maid Marian in trouble. Robin and Little John follow the bait into the fox's cabin, whereupon the fox drops his pretense and his falsetto and hangs the two up by their breeches on the wall, declaring his intention to make a stew out of them.

The smallest squirrel, looking in from the outside of the cabin, devises a plan to save his friends. By means of voice imitations and sound effects, he makes the fox believe that hunters are after him. After he literally turns yellow and panics, in fear of his life, he runs away at maximum speed, beating the cabin door which accompanies him upright on his flight from reality. Thus rescued, the two exit the cabin, only to be greeted by the smallest squirrel, who asks them with a grin, "Who's gonna be Robin Hood?"