Slap Happy Pappy

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Slap Happy Pappy is a 1940 cartoon starring Porky Pig.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Porky owns a farm. The cartoon starts with him plowing the fields. But the bulk of the cartoon is about the poultry farm. A sign reads, "Miracle Eggs for sale, if it's a good egg it's a miracle egg". A rabbit impersonating Jack Benny (Jack Bunny) looks at eggs. He is about to smash a black egg, but it breaks and a black bird goes out (Doing an impersonation of Rochester).

The scene cuts to the Eddie Cackler Family (Eddie Canter). The family wants a son, but is having no luck. Five eggs hatch and not a single one of them is a boy. A Bing Crosby lookalike happens to be near by holding a stroller that has babies all of which are boys. The father asks him what his secret is, and he crones to a chick who then lays dozen of eggs, all of whom are boys.

Eddie tries the same thing to his wife, and she has an egg. The two are dancing when Eddie asks if the baby could really be a boy. He then says, "Mmm maybe"!