We, the Animals Squeak!

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On a radio show hosted by Porky Pig, a lady mouser cat named Kansas City Kitty tells a tall tale of how she was the victim of a plot by the mice; and how it started by stealing her kitten Patrick.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The cartoon begins with the radio program, "We, the Animals Squeak!" in progress, and a hare finishing his story about how he got revenge on a hunter that had been stalking him. Porky Pig, the program's host, introduces the Irish-accented Kansas City Kitty, a champion mouse catcher.

Kansas City Kitty tells her life's story, including her marriage of Tom Collins and the birth of her son, Little Patrick. The main thrust of her story is how her reputation as a mouse catcher was nearly ruined by the mice, who – tired of being harassed by Kansas City Kitty and being kept away from the food – plot their revenge. In the catacombs of the house's walls, the lead mouse (Ratt McNalley) plots a scheme to kidnap Little Patrick while his mother is asleep. The mice carry out the plan and successfully flee the angry Kitty. The mother cat desperately claws at the wall, but Ratt stands up to her and threatens to brutally kill Little Patrick if their demands are not met.

Those demands – allowing free rein of the house – are played out in the next scene. A series of spot gags follow, where the mice carry food from the refrigerator, get drunk on milk and generally harass Kitty. Meanwhile, one of Ratt's henchmen decides to tease Little Patrick, but Patrick proves to be very resourceful and quickly turns the tables on his captor. Patrick escapes and reunites with his mother; Ratt, who is taunting Kitty, quickly knows what this means and tries to flee, but Kitty quickly catches all the mice "shows those little devils they couldn't harm kit nor king of Kansas City Kitty!"

The story brings loud cheers from the audience, and an impressed Porky gives her a present: a wimpy little mouse that scares her. "Well, faith'n me jabbers," intones the mouse, just as the Irish-shaped iris out ends the cartoon.