Bio-Tech Parasite

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Bio-Tech Parasite

Bio-Tech Parasite is a character that appeared in Loonatics Unleashed.


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Bio-Tech Parasite attacks

A living symbiotic machine that latches onto an unsuspecting victim, then forces them to act only on their most evil desires,somewhat like the Venom symbiote in Spider-man 3 and in the shows and comics. The parasite also gives the wearer artificial telekinesis so long

File:Bio-Tech Parasite.jpg
Bio-Tech Parasite

as it is bonded to them. It first latched onto a pizza delivery boy named Toby who had just been threatened to be fired, and forced him to seek revenge on his boss by causing him to manipulate anything in the pizza parlor. Ace Bunny was able to detach it with a shot from his laser eyes, and the pizza boy was freed. Afterward, the Loonatics captured and contained it for a time. However, when Rip Runner stole his brother's (Rev runner) access card and found the parasite, he became its next victim and caused him to manipulate the Robo-Amigos that Rev created and tried to destroy Acmetropolis. After the parasite had been on too longer to be removed by the Loonatics, Rev managed to scare the parasite into coming off. Finally, the parasite's owner, a young extraterrestrial female, reclaimed it and took it home, calling the creature "spikey".