Digeri Dingo

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Digeri Dingo
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Created by: Art Vitello
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Digeri Dingo is an anthropomorphic dingo in the cartoon show "Taz-Mania." The character was voiced by Rob Paulsen. As a character, Digeri Dingo is placed alongside the star of the show, the Tasmanian Devil ("Taz").


Digeri is a "friend" of the show's star Taz, or so Taz believes. In reality, Digeri generally just uses Taz as a patsy to get whatever he wants. Digeri often tricks Taz into undertaking various dangerous schemes that end up harming and mutilating the Tasmanian Devil, while Digeri ends up getting the treasure. Digeri is essentially the sneaky, manipulative character type, who takes advantage of Taz's stupidity, misguided friendship, and loyalty to the dingo.


In the show Digeri can mainly be observed going about his two favourite pastimes: scavenging for treasure, and bottle cap collecting. He shares the latter of these interests with Taz, and the two often compete and trade with each other over bottle caps that have been collected. Many of their adventures were based upon Digeri tricking Taz into finding him a rare bottle cap, which he keeps.


In the episode "Friends for Strive", it was revealed that Digeri and Taz first met on the day they were born, in the maternity ward of the hospital on April Fools' Day. Even then, Digeri was quite intelligent, and managed to convince baby Taz to get him a milk bottle, whilst Taz ended up being squashed by a cupboard. This set the stage for their entire lifelong friendship. In fact, it was also revealed the two developed their love of bottle cap collecting when Digeri pushed Taz down a well to get some coins (back when they were in high school).

Unlike many devious characters, Digeri Dingo never seemed to "learn a lesson" from any misdeeds done to Taz, and usually seemed to get what he sought after. However, in "Devil in the Deep Blue Sea" and "Nursemaid Taz" Digeri does lose out.