Dr. I.Q. Hi

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I.Q. Hi
Background information
Debut appearance:
Created by: Michael Maltese, Chuck Jones
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Dr. Ignatius Q. Hi is a 24½th century scientist who found and thawed Duck Dodgers. In both of the Duck Dodgers original shorts (his first appearances), he works as the Secretary of the Stratosphere, while in the TV series his role was expanded to Chief Scientist of the Space Protectorate and Dodgers' boss. In almost all his appearances, he is the one who informs Duck Dodgers of a new mission. I.Q. can also to be referred to as Duck Dodgers's Boss. 


Dr. Hi is a short, fat guy with a long thin nose and a hairstyle reminiscent of Larry from the Three Stooges. In the series, he always wears a lab coat, a strange hat with a lightbulb on it and extra-large rubber gloves. He appears to be quite rich, as he resides in an antique castle with many commodities which is accidentally destroyed by Duck Dodgers later on.

Voice Actor[edit]

Dr. I.Q. Hi was voiced by Mel Blanc in the original shorts, while Richard McGonagle provided his voice in the series.