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Mexican Joyride

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Mexican Joyride (1947) is a Looney Tunes cartoon starring Daffy Duck. It was directed by Arthur Davis. It was only one of three non-Bugs Bunny cartoons from 1947 not to be reissued. The others were Catch as Cats Can and A Pest in the House.

Plot summary[edit]

Daffy Duck drives to Mexico for a vacation, and after a harrowing experience with the local cuisine that literally sets his mouth afire, Daffy goes to a bullfight ring to observe the spectacle. When Daffy jeers at the bull, the horned beast removes the clothes from the human matador and puts them on Daffy as a challenge to the duck to fight the bull in the ring. Daffy foils the bull with a proposed wager on a hat trick, betting the bull to guess which of three sombreros Daffy is hiding under. Daffy sees to it that the bull guesses wrong and supplies a machine gun for the impoverished bull to commit suicide. The bull realizes that he is being fooled and, firing the machine gun, chases Daffy out of the bullfight ring. Daffy scrambles to his car to leave Mexico, thinking he has escaped the belligerent bull. But the bull is riding in the back seat of Daffy's vehicle, unbeknownst to Daffy.thumb|300px|right


  • On TNT and Cartoon Network, all scenes of the bull holding a gun to his head to commit suicide are cut (though the scenes where Daffy offers the bull a pistol, then offers the bull an automatic [stating, "Here, butterfingers. Try a few more shots--on the house!"] and the scene where Daffy has a butcher shop prepped and is waiting for the bull to kill himself so he can harvest the meat from his corpse weren't edited).