The Stupid Cupid

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Title Card
A scene from the cartoon

The Stupid Cupid is a short Looney Tunes animated cartoon directed by Frank Tashlin and released in 1944.


Elmer J. Fudd plays a cupid (although still wearing his trademark derby) shooting arrows at animals so they fall in love with their female species (sans a dog who falls in love with a cat he's chasing, making the cat commit suicide). When he attempts to shoot Daffy Duck while bathing in a barn, he complains of the last time he was shot, which ended with him married and the father of many ducklings (including one with two heads), whose wallet photos he offers as evidence. Daffy stuffs Elmer into his own derby and shoots him away with his own bow, telling him to "SCRAM!" Although Elmer was cheerful at his job before, when he emerges from his hat, his stuttering laugh has never sounded more ominous.

Showing a rarely seen fiendish side, Elmer shoots a giant arrow to Daffy, almost destroying the landscape, and makes Daffy fall in love with a married hen. Her rooster husband furiously confronts Daffy. The duck declares it a mishap, claiming to be a family man himself (briefly appearing with a jalopy full of the previously mentioned ducklings). The rooster lets Daffy go, but Elmer shoots him yet again, starting the whole process over again.

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